Anyone at MGCCC?

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    I am going to the JD campus. Anyone else?? :spin:

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    I am just finishing my first semester of clinicals at JD. You will love the clinical instructors in the first level. Their all very helpful. Good luck!
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    oh neat! i start in a couple weeks. what did you do first semester? did you have many clinicals?? where were they at?? i'm glad you like the instructors. they seemed nice at orientation.
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    The first semester isn't so bad. We learned how to do a cath, trach care and suctioning , and med admin. We only had 8 days of actual clinical towards the end of the semester. Half of those days are in a hospital and the other half are in a nursing home. While we were at the hospital we gave meds (scary), but it wasn't that bad. You just have to study up on the meds your patient is receiving. Clinical is scary, but fun. Have a great semester and enjoy it because level 2 is supposed to be the worst out of all the levels.
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    Thanks for the info. It's good to hear that it isn't that bad. In orientation, they made it sound like I'd be studying 24 hours a day. Wish there were more clinicals, but I guess I'll be in the lab most of the semester which will probably be fun too since it's all new to me. Good luck next semester!
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    i start friday
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    ^Me too!! Are you at the JD campus as well? And if you are---you don't know WHERE the class is do you?? Haha, I have no idea where to go tomorrow.
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    ooops, sorry... i'm a little late on this message. but, i hope that you found it friday. wasn't it SO hot in that room?!
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    I found it. I just followed the other people that looked lost. It was hot!! That really sucks we didn't get the other room. It's nice, I accidentally went in it trying to find the orientation a few weeks ago. Do you like the class so far?
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    i love it! i think i'm just a bit overwhelmed with all the books and supplies we had to pick up from the bookstore. oh, and the fact that we have a test in a matter of 4 days.

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