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I am going to the JD campus. Anyone else?? :spin:... Read More

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    Haha, I think I decided I was overwhelmed the night I was supposed to read 300 pages!! WOW, that didn't happen. I don't think the concepts are too hard to understand, but it is still a challenging class because there is soo much to do!

    Who are you? LOL I sit over by the door, haha I don't know how else to explain me. I'm tall and my name is Laura if that helps.

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    i'm raquel. i sit to the left, diagonal side of ***** (sort of by the door), hah!!
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    I'm starting the lpn program this thursday at the jd campus
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    It's me again, and I have officially graduated from the JD-ADN program. I take boards Tuesday!
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    Has anyone applied to any of the campuses that lives out of those counties?
    I am just wondering what the chances of getting accepted are when living in a different county?
    I know I wouldnt be first pick.

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