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Hi there, NWCC recently accepted students...Will you please share with us wannabee's on how the point system works... (i.e. how many points can you get for each category or whatever info you can... Read More

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    Anyone have an update? I applied for Sprimg 2013 and I got wind of a few already getting acceptance letters in! I haven't gotten anything yet but I was told it wouldbe the packet if you're accepted and a letter if not.. Nerve racking.....
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    I received my acceptance letter last week! Anyone else on here in for Spring 2013?
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    I found out that going from a 2.9 to a 3.0 gives you a point. That came from the admissions officer.
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    Did anyone that got in last year get a letter closer to the deadline date. They said they would notify us by march 28th this year. Some people hhave receicved letters but I have not recived a good or bad letter
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    I got my acceptance letter on March 11
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    I'm in! So excited! This is my second degree and quite a career change at 43! I go to my advisor at NWCC tomorrow and set up classes. I'm glad to see someone else from our class on here.

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