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Hey everyone! I grew up my whole life in Minnesota and just recently moved to California. Anyways, a friend back home sent this to me and I thought that it was pretty funny so I wanted to share it with you. I think many of them... Read More

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    You slow down for Moose crossing signs, but ignore Deer crossing signs

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    you listen intently to ole and lena jokes:

    ole in minnesota, while not a brilliant man, was a gifted portrait artist. his fame grew and soon people from all over the country were coming to him for painting. one day a beautiful woman pulled up to his house in a new mercedes. she asked ole if he would paint her in the nude. this was the first time anyone had made that request.

    as he hesitated, she said money was no object; she was willing to pay $5000.
    not wanting to get in trouble with his wife, ole asked the lady to wait while he went in the house to talk it over with lena, his wife. in a few minutes he returned and said to the beautiful young lady, "yah, shure, you betcha. i'll paint you in the nude.

    but i'll haff to leave my socks on so i'll haff a place to vipe my brush".
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    my brother-in-law is from ND so I thought I heard all the Ole and Lena jokes there were but this is a new (but awesome) one!!!
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    My mom still lives in Minnesota and she e-mails me new Ole and Lena jokes from time-to-time.

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