Where to look for a job?

  1. Hi everyone! I am graduating in August with my BSN and am at a loss as to where to find jobs. I've posted on Monster and plan on applying at the local hospitals but otherwise I know of nowhere else? I will work in any setting (clinic, hospital, home) I just need a job that will give me experience in labor and delivery so that I can go on to get my DNP at the U of M. I've tried Craigslist but all that seems to be is a bunch of scams. I'm actually willing to take any job in Labor and Delivery, Women's Health, Pediatrics, Postpartum, etc...I just don't know where to start looking. Help!

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   mom2cka
    St Cloud had a couple of openings... centracare.com
  4. by   bigtownRN
    Off the top of my head.....Fairview, St. Cloud, Allina, Healtheast, Regions, HCMC, Children's, VA, Women's Clinics, Home Care, (alot of home care companies don't advertise so you should just call or send a resume)
  5. by   jujuwah
    Thanks for the replies. So what I'm hearing is that I have to go to the individual place of employment and apply? There is no database or place/agency I can go to that will alert me to job openings. Like I said before, I originally thought about Craigslist but don't see much of anything but scams. Anyone else have anything to say about Craigslist. Are jobs still listed in the Star Tribune/Pioneer Press? Is Monster worth it? Basically I'm looking for a reliable "one stop shop" (if they exist at all).

    Thanks again.
  6. by   bigtownRN
    I have never heard of a central place for applying to jobs around here. From what I can tell, hospitals recruit through their own websites primarily. I use Craigslist for buying and selling, but I don't think I'd trust it for jobs, or for putting my personal information on there for employers (or scammers) to see. You have a leg up having your BSN, I have a BA but in Education and a ADN. Most job listings say they prefer a BSN.
  7. by   centralmnmom
    I also would say centracare.com has some openings. They are a magnet facility and heavily client focused. You want to get it all in online and then contact Brandon in their HR. Central Mn offers plenty to do away from the cities, close to northern lakes, good shopping, great schools and nice communities. I would not use Craigs list for search, but indeed, careerbuilder or check Mollen clinics. They are paying $29 to give flu shots around mn. Monticello recently had LD opening also. Network with other ob nurses by joining your specialty organization, get to a meeting and meet some people. Business cards are good at those as well.
  8. by   mom2cka
    I see the most openings on hospital sites themselves - they're more current than those on Indeed - http://www.mnhospitals.org/ also has listings that are current