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Hello, everyone! I am graduating from my ADN program this May and plan to move to Twin Cities afterwards. I have heard about the hardships of finding a job for new grads there, but I just... Read More

  1. by   HM2VikingRN
    FWIW I love working at the VA.
  2. by   amiconfused
    Definitely go somewhere with a union- meaning no non contract jobs. I worked for Allina- specifically United for many years, when I left the contract for a non contract job through Allina I had some major problems. HR had no interest what was going on and unjust actions. My coworkers knew of the problem but I had no backing being non contract. We all can learn from lessons learned (the hard way). United itself (RN contract) was fine though. Great learning environment!
  3. by   alexandrabadjie
    Hi, I am also wondering where to work in the twin cities. I'm planning on moving there in May when I graduate with my BSN. I am looking for a hospital/program that will help pay off my huge loan debt or at least one with good benefits. Any advice???
  4. by   alexandrabadjie
    Hey, this thread has been really helpful. I am also planning on moving to the Minneapolis area and am looking for work. It seems like there are a few big companies: like Allina, Health East Care, and Fairview. They have many hospitals among them, so do all of the hospitals have the same benefits and packages? I'll be a new nurse (graduating in May) and am looking for a hospital with a really good training program for RN's. Also, does anyone know about wages and if they are similar at most hospitals in the area?? I don't see anything posted on the websites. Any info would be great!
  5. by   freezebabyRN
    alexandrabadjie....... HealthEast has a GREAT new grad residency program. I think the two hospitals within the system that do this would be St John's or St Joseph's. St Joe's is in downtown St Paul and St John's is north of there in Maplewood. You would want to check it out early enough because they take applications every so often. I was never in that program, so I can not tell you exact details other than contact HR. I heard it is great though. I really wish there was something like that when I was a new grad RN. The pay would be more than federal or state jobs too even though those are in the MNA union too.

    www.healtheast.org Go under careers and type in RN under job category then pick either St joe's or St john's under location(I noticed there was a posting under St Joe's if you just want to get the info) then on the top of the page enter "new grad" under key words. I'd call though to see how often they do run this program since your not graduting until May.

    Good luck!!!!
  6. by   alexandrabadjie
    Thanks so much for that info. I will try to call there today. I tried Allina and Fairview and couldn't get through to an actual person. But I had heard something about that program for new grads, good to hear that it is well known for helping new grads. Do you know anything about wages and if there is much difference among hospitals in the area?
  7. by   freezebabyRN
    pay for a new BSN for next year (6/1/09) looks like it will be $29.09 on days you get $2.75 I believe more for evenings and $4 more on nights. There is also an extra $1.10 an hour for weekend hours. I know they also have a baylor program where if you work every weekend I think they pay you 25% more in wages, not sure though. Charge is $2+ more an hour. I'm sure if they have a loan repayment too through the MNA, but I'm not sure about that either. That is something you would have to ask about.

    Good Luck! I found it very easy to work with them and actually reach people PLUS get phone calls back from their HR.
  8. by   Salgal08
    I will second that for HealthEast- my experience has been that they are very welcoming, friendly, and professional to nurses seeking employment. They have an RN placement coordinator who is so helpful (her number is available on their website).
  9. by   alexandrabadjie
    Hey, I did call Healtheast and the recruiter was great. I am going to make my profile online and start the application process. It sounds like a nice working environment, thanks for the info!
  10. by   freezebabyRN
    Good luck to you! Keep us updated! They are very nice and easy to work with. I can only say for one hospital, and not all 4 that are in the HealthEast system. Just FYI Woodwinds is not in the union, but I do not believe they have the RN residency program either.
    I don't think you would be dissapointed if you get in. Every one of the RN's that go through the program REALLY like the exposure. The only thing is it does get long, BUT take advantage of all of that time to learn!!!! One more thing is you can taste test the different floors and see how the staff is and then apply to the floor you really like best. Also, the floors are watching you to see if you would make a good fit....works both ways....kind of nice!

    Good Luck!