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Hello, everyone! I am graduating from my ADN program this May and plan to move to Twin Cities afterwards. I have heard about the hardships of finding a job for new grads there, but I just... Read More

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    Hey, I did call Healtheast and the recruiter was great. I am going to make my profile online and start the application process. It sounds like a nice working environment, thanks for the info!

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    Good luck to you! Keep us updated! They are very nice and easy to work with. I can only say for one hospital, and not all 4 that are in the HealthEast system. Just FYI Woodwinds is not in the union, but I do not believe they have the RN residency program either.
    I don't think you would be dissapointed if you get in. Every one of the RN's that go through the program REALLY like the exposure. The only thing is it does get long, BUT take advantage of all of that time to learn!!!! One more thing is you can taste test the different floors and see how the staff is and then apply to the floor you really like best. Also, the floors are watching you to see if you would make a good fit....works both ways....kind of nice!

    Good Luck!

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