Volunteer nursing job for new grad?

  1. I recently moved to Grand Rapids, MN for my husband's new job. I received my BSN in December of 2009 but have not begun work as became unexpectedly pregnant during school and had a baby in March. I am a second degree student and have almost a decade of experience in not-for-profit management, grant writing, education and outreach, graphic design and technical writing. I returned to school to pursue my CNM. I plan on returning to work full time in the fall of 2011, but would like to volunteer right now in a meaningful fashion that utilizes my nursing skills. I understand that the opportunity to work directly with patients will be limited, but am wondering if nurse managers would be interested in a person such as myself for other options. I certainly understand I won't be inserting IVs and foleys (haha) but I want to do something proffessional that will help soften the almost 2 year break between graduation and my entry into practice.

    How should I approach finding a volunteer position? Should I contact the nurse manager at our local hospital L&D? Based on my background, would the public health department be a better fit? I want to help meet their needs, while at the same time exercise my skills.

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  3. by   mom2cka
    I have volunteered @ public health in my local county for flu shot clinics. The schools might also be looking for something. Local reservations, perhaps? If you have your license, you may need private liability insurance, though. There's also rural aids action network, I believe they branch out that far. Or a local senior center (BP checks, med reviews, etc). Good luck!