Tips for a New Grad Nurse wanting to work at the Mayo

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    Hi! I am about to graduate with my BSN and I have always wanted to work at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Does anyone know if the Mayo have specific times in which they hire new grad's? I am in Colorado and almost every hospital here only hires new grads at specific times.

    I was told I should try and schedule a "perspective employee tour" I have never heard of this, does anyone have any information or know a person or department I could contact there?

    I am also on the fence about taking the NCLEX in Colorado with familiar faces or taking it in Minnesota where I want to work, does anyone have any advice?

    Thank you!
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    They hire new grads all year and have a start date for them most months. If you really want to work at mayo be persistent and apply, apply apply! I have never heard of the tour but I wouldn't be surprised if they had one. Lately they have been hiring a lot of new grads. Don't wait until you graduate and pass boards, apply now and apply often.
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    Thank you!
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    Have a strong resume (clinical experiences, gpa, extra curriculars). Be a strong interviewer. Focus on the patient and patient care. Mayo's philosophy is the patient above all else, and they mean it.

    Mayo is 100% class. They will pay for your travel, lodging, and food while you come here to interview.
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    Wow, I didn't realize Mayo would pay for all of the preliminary expenses. I have a ton of work related experience in healthcare, both acute and chronic and I tend to highlight that even though I am a new RN. Do you think that is something the Mayo looks at or something I should not focus on so much? I have always focused on the patient with my cover letter and resumes, so that is very reassuring! Thanks for you input and taking the time to respond
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    hey i graduated nursing school in IL and knew i wanted to work in Minnesota so I just only got my license for MN. Mayo loves ALL prior hospital experience. So if you got it flaunt it! Best of luck!