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  1. I'm starting an accelerated RN program in the fall and was curious about possible student loan repayment benefits from area hospitals. I will be getting a Stafford loan but was also considering getting some private school loans from the bank since my credit is very good.

    If there is a decent chance that I could find a hospital to work at after I graduate that helps to make some or all of my student loan payments, then I am thinking I might want to load up on as many loans as I am eligible to take with the plan to have my employer foot part of the bill. On the other hand, I don't want to accrue interest for 2 years and then find out that I will have to pay all of the interest and principle anyway because hospitals generally don't help with student loan payments as a benefit.

    Is anyone getting their student loans paid for by their employer? If so, what kind of commitment do they demand?

    I will be getting loans for sure. I'm just not sure how much liability I should take "gambling" that I might get some help after graduation from an "enlightened" employer.

    Any insight would be much appreciated!!!!
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  3. by   MagsMom
    Most student loan repayment program (especially the gov't sponsored programs) only reimburse what they call "eligible loans". In general those are subsidized Stafford and Perkins loans. I am not an expert but I know the topic has come up several times on many different forums - you might want to do a search and see what comes up. Also, you could just call a few of the hospitals where you are interested in working and see what they say.