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I'm sorry if this one belongs somewhere else, but I wanted to know what one can expect to be making as an RN or an LPN starting out. I know it varies by where you work and all, but just a ball park figure, since apparently I'll... Read More

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    I'm LVN in Santa Barbara, CA. LVN wages are no lower than $25/hr. I get $32/hr, but I negotiated due to my 13 yrs experience. Really depends where u live.

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    I live in the bay area of california, and starting pay for a LVN is usually around $35/hr...RN starting pay is usually around $50/hr...its so crazy to hear wages being around 15/hr...that seems so low, but then I remember the cost of living is extremely high were I live.
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    As a new grad LPN in LTC in the south end of the metro Twin Cities area I started at 16.50 or so last year. Just over 17/hr right now plus shift differentials. The hospital that my LTC facility is affiliated with (across the street) also hires LPNs but I'm not sure what they are paying there.
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    Hey I'm a new grad and I make 23/hr at my nursing home job and 27/hr working one weekend a month at a home care agency with my BSN.

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