Spring 2018 Century College MANE

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've applied to Century College Nursing program for Spring 2018. Anyone received their acceptance/waitlist/denial letter? I'm so worried as I have not gotten a response yet. My composite score is 11.2. I have a 3.8 gpa and 74 on teas score. I'm not so sure what this will look like in comparison to all the applicants' score. Has anyone gotten a letter in the mail? Thank you.
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  3. by   Valerieap07
    Someone on my post said that century isn't mailing theirs out until today or tomorrow. Lame! So glad NHCC sent theirs on Friday.
  4. by   cmb203
    Rcvd Inver's letter yesterday and Century's letter today.
  5. by   umusafa
    Did you get accepted into Century College? If so, what was your composite score? Thanks. I haven't gotten my letter yet. I only applied to Century College.
  6. by   cmb203
    Yes I did. Not sure what my score was, I just did my best on the TEAS without the manual (83).
  7. by   umusafa
    Received my letter from Century College today and was Waitlisted. Wonder how long it will take to know anything? I'm so disappointed.
  8. by   cmb203
    Don't give up! What number are you? I am declining my Century admission and our letter says we have to accept/decline by Aug 4th, so maybe a week after that you might hear something good! Also other colleges said that some people get in as late as the week of starting!
  9. by   umusafa
    Thank you for the words of encouragement!! I feel a bit better. Do you know when classes start? I hope to hear from Century soon. I am not sure what number I am on the Waitlist. I have emailed Sherry and still waiting to hear back from her. Maybe I will hear something a week or two after Aug 4th.