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  1. I am hoping that there are some folks that have attended Saint Paul College and can speak on the Practical Nursing program there. I am moving back to Minnesota in three weeks and applying for Spring Semester which starts January 14th. I have been told that the committee will not meet until January 2nd and that it will be a very short turn around time for notifying applicants regarding acceptance. I am looking for some information regarding the program.. is it good? I noticed that their NCLEX scores dropped to 75 and that does concern me a little. What is the program like? Are the instructors helpful and friendly? Are they invested in the students success? Any information would be GREATLY appreciated. I take my TEAS test on December 3rd here in WA, and will hand-carry my application when I arrive on the 9th of December. I am nervous, and I am also applying to NHCC for their ADN program and will be taking my HESI exam on December 12th in Minnesota. I have really good grades, but I am nervous about the TEAS test yet. I am so ready to move back and cannot wait to leave all this RAIN behind me!
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    I posted a topic in the Minnesota forum, but thought I would also post here to see if anyone has any information regarding the Saint Paul College in Minnesota and their practical nursing program. I am applying for a January start. I have to take my TEAS test on Dec 3rd and am pretty nervous about it yet. I am moving back to Minnesota in three weeks and am frantically trying to finish up my classes here, and pack and get ready for my drive from WA to MN. Any information about the program would be fantastic!
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    Make sure you turn in your application by Dec. 14th and make an appointment to attend one of their seminar before then. Don't worry too much about the TEAS V test, the average score for their program is way below the national average of 64.7%! Their average was around 56%!

    Good luck!!
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    Thank you for the reply! I am taking the TEAS on Dec 3rd here and will be turning in my application on December 12th. I have been in contact with the school. Have you attended the program?