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I know about MetroState, Bethel, and St. Kates, but are there any other RN-BSN programs in the MN Twin Cities area that I'm missing? Anyone have any opinions on any of these. I'm thinking about... Read More

  1. by   mom2cka
    I went to St. Scholastica, and while I had to take a religion class, did not feel it was focused on religion; I am not Catholic, and am agnostic leaning towards the athiest piece, and really didn't have an issue with it. Even the nuns who taught a couple of classes were not bothersome. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it was better than I thought it would be.
  2. by   Daisy117
    I also went to St. Scholastica and I had to take one religion class which focused more on spirituality than Catholicism. The nun that taught my class was very interesting and open minded, never judging. The overall 9 month RN-BSN program contains a lot of writing, but the online program was very helpful. The deal breaker for me was the length of the program. I wanted to have my BSN completed as quickly as possible.
  3. by   livesinscrubs
    Quote from Leyla~
    If you were able to write the above, without massive re-editing, you shouldn't have much trouble with the papers. Yes there are silly APA formatting rules to follow, but they give you an overview in the first course. It's my understanding that those who struggle with the papers have had difficulty with English courses in the past. You need a fair sense of basic grammar. Also, some have difficulty with the assignments because they don't read the directions clearly and write papers about the wrong (though somewhat related) topics. I.e. if the instructor asks you to debate the benefits of two different opposing topics, and you only write about one of the topics that could be a problem. If you have decent communication skills you won't have much trouble.

    If you want to give me your email I can send you a few examples of the papers I've had to write.

    As for statistics, I suggest you contact an admissions advisor and ask. I don't know what the pre-reqs are for sure.

    I will probably take you up on that offer. I will need a math of some sort because I never took a math in college, other than that I should be set, just waiting for my transcripts to come over. Thanks for the advice and encouragement. My friends really enjoyed the program so I hope I will as well.
  4. by   PeepnBiscuitsRN
    If you don't mind my asking- how much did the RN-BSN program at Bethel run you? I have 3 yrs of undergrad work under my belt there anyway- no math though. Going to take NCLEX on Weds- graduated from Century-Inver Hills. Kind of in a tough financial spot- heard that the U of Phoenix is insanely pricey, it only appealed because it was online.

    Any advice?
  5. by   casi
    I ended up applying to University of North Dakota (they have a tuition deal you can get as an MN resident) and Minnesota State University- Moorhead as they both have completely online programs with decent tuition costs. I would suggest looking into them.

    The reason I didn't apply to Bethel is because they want their students to have a year experience as an RN. Needless to say I'm going on for my BSN because very few are willing to consider new grads for jobs.
  6. by   wezzie, RN
    St Cloud State has an awesome BSN program. They've recently expanded too and now have a program starting in the fall and an accelerated program for those with a prior degree. They've more than doubled their capacity to admit students in the last 2 or 3 years. They have all new labs that just recently opened this spring.

    I just graduated from the traditional program this spring. It really is a great program.

    I guess having an associates wouldn't help though, it's not an RN - BSN program.
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  7. by   casi
    I'm still looking for a RN-BSN program. Made the decision to jump in this fall.
    Anyone know what the tuition costs are for Bethel?
  8. by   PeepnBiscuitsRN
    As it so happens I'm starting at Bethel in Feb. Tuition is $415 per credit. The whole program is 37 credits, and I have to take a math course, but it looks like I can take it at any time and there's some choices in what course you take math-wise. You don't pay up front for 37 credits because each session is split up. My first session goes from Feb through April or May and is 7 credits (so the cost is $2905, and then I have financial aid) . They've waived the 1 year experience deal because of the whole bsn preference thing. I'm excited to start the program, I'm hoping this will help my odds of getting a job- just getting back into the job search now after having a baby 2 weeks ago. The one thing I will say that doesn't thrill me is that financial aid is extremely limited. You're limited to MN state grants (which you're not eligible for if you've completed 4 years of schooling) and Pell Grants, and then there's loans. So no institutional aid is available, unless you find scholarships and grants out there independent of the school.

    But still, it looks like a good deal. I hope it is.
  9. by   muffins20
    With the economy the way it is, is it possible to get into a RN-BSN program without RN work experience? I just graduated in December and the market doesn't look too hot for an ADN.
  10. by   PeepnBiscuitsRN
    I'm starting at Bethel, and they've waived that requirement for a small number of students. I think there's another place or two that doesn't have that requirement. I thought St. Mary's online was one (there's one that a few of the people I graduated with started at) and I'm not sure if Metro State has that...I don't remember them saying there was- they were at our school a week or two before pinning for an informational session. Which should have clued me in to the shape of things out there.
  11. by   muffins20
    Good to know, thank you for the info. Time to start planning then.
  12. by   Yasmom
    Quote from casi
    I'm still looking for a RN-BSN program. Made the decision to jump in this fall.
    Anyone know what the tuition costs are for Bethel?
    I was also thinking going to Bethel and their tuition is $450/credit and it is 39 credit that runs 18-20 months. There is also some other small fees but I only focused on the credits. I hope that helps.
  13. by   Taber24
    I know this is an old post.. But out of wishful thinking I was wondering if any of you could shed some light on Metro or St. Mary's RN-BSN completion program?