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  1. 1 anybody has any information about northland distance learning lpn program? and how its works? Tell what you know!!!!
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    Hi, are you from the area? Thief River Falls, or East Grand Forks, because the clinical and the skills classes are over weekends.... fri Sat & sunday. I will hook you up with the distance Education site.

    when I did the LPN Program I did as much as I could online. I worked full time and went to school full time.... the Online classes made it so much more manageable.
    the Link below is the link to the distance program

    this links out line the course requirements for the clinical and skills classes.

    On Site Requirements:

    PNSG 1204 Nursing Skills I (10 days)
    PNSG 1212 Nursing Skills II (6 days)
    PNSG 1232 IV Certification (4 days)
    PSNG 1216 PN Clinical I (160 hrs)
    PNSG 1226 PN Clinical II (128 hrs)
    PNSG 1236 Practicum (64 hrs)
    Special Requirements:

    Progression Plan
    Transfer of courses in nursing
    Technical Standard
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    I just applied there. I live in the metro area, are there decent hotels to stay in around the area? For when I do clinicals and as far as that goes, where do you do your clinicals?

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