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Normandale Nursing Application Decision

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    I was just wondering if anyone knows how long it generally takes Normandale to get back to you regarding your application for the RN program. The deadline is Feb 1, and they say you'll hear either way by April 15, but I was wondering if they actually get back to people sooner or if they wait until the end to let everyone know.

    Any info you can share would be great! Thanks!

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    If it's anything like Inver's process I definitely wouldn't hold my breath about knowing before April 13th and be prepared for it to possibly take a little longer than that. They told us April 13th and we didn't find out until May 13th. It's a hard wait, good luck!
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    Thank you for your response, lukeslichy! Out of curiosity, when was your application due date?
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    Feb 1st. That was 2 years ago now! It was seriously the hardest wait ever. I think it's best to just keep telling yourself you won't hear until April so you aren't disappointed every day you don't get a letter....
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    I was a "top 10 alternate" for the program and I got a spot!! Now, have you heard how difficult the program is? Were you in it? I have pretty much all the extra courses complete and just need the nursing sequence. How is it??


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