NHCC 2011 Tricks

  1. This year they tried something new in the nursing program and it was horrible disaster. at mid semester almost 60% of the students were failing. by the end we learned the tricks and what the real issue was
    The program material is mostly automated they copy it from the previous year. well they coppied everything updated the material but didnt change the objectives. so If its anything like this year next year ignore the objectives and the long chapter readings. focus on the lectures which are recorded, watch them atleast twice and take notes from the lectures. there are 7 instuctors and they go by their clinical experience not by the book. so dont try to be smart. you have to figur the answer that they expect and the lectures are the only way. then after that with the teachers perspective in mind from watching the lecture twice maybe 3 times read the end of chapter reviews and skim the chapter for alittle more on whatever they talked about that might have not been clear.
    Good luck. i failed lab by 3 points GET THE MED TERMS BOOK AND THE MATH BOOK. their questions are very spacific from that material and pretty hard. you can retake those but you will prolly need the points later and want to smack your self like i do.
    Also health assessment and theory are seperate classes but the exam material will overlap and the instructors may mix it together so be prepared. hopefully next year the objectives match and the assignments make since and the due dates are right. and clinicals are organized it was endless lack of organization this semester all the way to the very end so frustrating to lose by 3 points after the mass lack of organization you would think they would do something but with there being 7 instructors no one takes blame and corrects the issues.....
    so be prepared to be disapointed. If you have ACT scores i recommend going to anoka ramsy there are many advantages.
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