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NELRP in Minnesota

  1. 0 I am just wondering if anyone has received the NELRP scholarship. I would like to ask what the reimbursement amount is as I have seen two different figures. One is $15,000 and the other is $30,000. I have searched the website but haven't come up with a result. Any help would be of great assistance. Thank you
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    Are you referring to the scholarship (while in school) or the loan repayment program (once graduated)? The scholarship is dependent on your tuition/books, etc., then it gives a stipend, then you agree to work FT in a specific area upon graduation. The repayment program takes a percentage of eligible loans once you have graduated and work in a specific environment. I hope that helps.
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    Thanks for the info. I will have to check into both programs I guess. Any help would be great.