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Hey guys, Does anyone know if it's possible to just take the CNA Exam without completing the course? I've heard that it's possible to do at a Tech college, but I don't know if it would be a good... Read More

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    That is what I said. And Pearson vue is correct!!! I took it at inver and I was on the registry within a week after taking the test. I have the exact same license as other CNAs.

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    Hey there,
    I am looking to test out of Nursing Assistant classes. I went to the Pearson Vue website and am very confused as to who is able to test out. How did you go about it? I really just don't understand the steps or who is eligable for it? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Also I wanted to know if it's harder to find a job if you just test out instead of taking the actual courses.
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    At my MN tech they do not allow test outs for the CNA course.
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    I know this is a couple months after the orginal post. But I was just wondering if anyone knew if there are any testing sites in the Metro? I have taken my NA class 2 years ago, but its just about to expire, so I am going to have to retest my way onto the registry. I just don't know where the testing sites are and if there is a better place to test compared to others. Thank you.
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    Hi LMT7018:

    I know that MCTC in downtown Mpls is a testing site. I am scheduled to take my NATO written and skills test there on August 26th. I am not sure of any other testing sites.

    However, if you go to the Dept of Health's website ( and type in a zip code, you will get a list of NA programs and testing sites for that area.

    Hope that helps!
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    Good luck with your test out bitter_sweet! I'm taking the evening class through the Red Cross, starting 9/14.
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    which site are you taking your class? I took mine through the red cross at the st. paul site. Great class and really glad that I took the class instead of just trying to test out.
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    Just an update-

    I passed both the written and skills portion of the NATO examination. I did not take a class, but I did use several youtube videos and the MN candidate handbook. The videos really helped for the skills portion of the NATO.

    Here's the youtube link if anyone is interested:
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    Congrats bitter_sweet! Yay!!!! I'm really happy that you have that monkey off your back. How's the Master's project?

    I am doing the Mpls site for the Red's close to our neighborhood, so it works. I could technically do the test-out too, but I've decided to take the class again, since I really want to work as a CNA when I'm done. I feel like having done the class again recently will work in my favor. Or, at least I hope so!

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