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MN Board of nursing...nclex results...

  1. 0 Hello, I took my NCLEX-RN yesterday (June 2nd).

    This AM when I looked at the MN board of says application status: Passed exam 6-02-08 with a green light, if I click on it, it says: Examination results....passed.

    So am I correct to assume that it's official? I know they haven't assigned me a license number yet because it's not listed.....but I am thinking I passed?

    75 Questions....they all seemed really hard (so I knew that was a good thing)....

    Anyone know for sure? I posted here because it's a MN thing....
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    Hi, I'm not sure about results and how they do that now because it's been years since I've taken the NCLEX. But, it sounds as if you passed to me. If so, CONGRATULATIONS to you! Great job on all your hard work!