Minnesota Magnets

  1. I have been reading on here about magnet status around the country and it has got me thinking about what the magnet hospitals in MN are like. From what I gather there are good and bad points to each hospital with the status, but what really matters is the way the hopital is run by the leaders in any one hospital. Basically wheather or not the managment and staff buy into the ideals that the award of "Magnet Status" trys to stand for, and in turn attempt to take it seriously as apposed to forcing staff to look good in front of inspection committiees.

    So all of that for this question.... If your apart, or have been apart of a magnet hopital in MN what were your experiences? and if possable what hospital were you apart of if you don't mind adding. Thanks .
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  3. by   mn_nurse
    I have worked at 3 different hospitals. The 2 non-magnet hospitals were ok to work for. They seemed like they just did what was required by the Joint commission. The Magnet hospital I work for (Mayo) is totally different and much better in the way they train and support their staff. You might go on the ANCC website to see why Magnet hospitals are different. Forces of Magnetism - American Nurses Credentialing Center - ANCCt would be difficult to go to another hospital that does not care for its employees or patients in the same way as a magnet hospital.
  4. by   mom2cka
    Even when I was in school, I wanted to work at a Magnet hospital - it just felt different. I've been at one since graduation and am very happy there; the staff and nursing leadership use the magnet forces to guide professional nursing practice. St. Cloud Hospital - Magnet Designation for info