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Just thought I'd start a topic for this since I haven't seen one yet for this upcoming summer. I finished applying a few weeks ago and now I'm starting to work on some other internship/externship apps. I hopeful I get... Read More

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    Mine says "Application in review" right now

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    Mine also says "Application in Review" currently
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    job status "open" ?? what does that mean??
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    Hmm I don't think they have looked at mine yet then! "Open" just allows you to withdraw your application if you'd like. Your specific application status should be to the right of that
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    Mine is also still "Application under review" and job status "Open". I have also not received any e-mails either way yet. The only e-mail I received after I applied was a candidate reference number in an e-mail...We shall see I guess!
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    lol at least you all are seeing some action!! haha! I wish they would start reviewing mine! I wonder if they are reviewing those that were submitted the latest??
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    @MissRN2013 My application status still says "application received" too. So don't worry, you aren't the only one! Hopefully they get to ours soon! I am so anxious/excited/nervous to hear back from them! It's like college applications all over again! Haha.
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    It is just like college apps isn't it?! We have to be even more patient now that it's the weekend and they probably won't be looking at them until Monday!! lol
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    Good luck everyone!
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    Monday is a holiday! :/

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