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Mayo Summer III 2013 - page 5

Just thought I'd start a topic for this since I haven't seen one yet for this upcoming summer. I finished applying a few weeks ago and now I'm starting to work on some other... Read More

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    Oh darn! I forgot about the holiday!!! Gotta wait even longer now!!! I'm from Arizona
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    @MissRN2013 Lucky! My favorite place ever! Love the heat! What areas of interest did you put on your application for the externship?
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    Ya I love AZ!! It can get hot, but its not bad! Have you lived in AZ before? I selected all of them but I marked that I'm most interested in peds, oncology, med/surg, and OB. What about you?
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    I'm from Arizona too! I put OB and NICU as my top specialties.
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    Haha how cool!! I pretty much thought I was the only one in AZ! Which school are you at? You don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable letting everyone know!! :P I don't blame you! lol But how cool! Aren't you lovin the weather right now?!
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    @MissRN2013 I haven't lived there, but I have family out there that I visit a lot. I put interest in everything but highest in peds and NICU. Honestly, I would take anything to be in this program! It sounds amazing! Does anyone know an exact date when they will get back to us?
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    How funny, I have family in Chicago! :P The last I heard, we find out for sure Jan. 28th!
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    @MissRN2013 Wow! What a coincidence! AHHH! That is actually not that far away! I just want my application to go "into review" first! Haha.
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    I have family in Chicago as well--so funny!

    I'm so anxious to hear back from Mayo! I will seriously take any spot they offer me! This is my dream program.
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    @meghansn I definitely agree! Any position will be amazing! I also like that they supply housing. I applied for other programs but no housing is provided, which might be difficult! Do you know anything about living in the town homes at Mayo?
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    @zeeconn I agree--it's great that they provide housing! I only know what they've posted on their website about housing, but it sounds so convenient!
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    @zeeconn and megansn
    WHEN ( )we all get accepted, we need to meet up because we have way to much in common!! I will take any position as well!! It will be a great experience no matter what area we can get into!
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    @MissRN2013 @meghansn definitely! And I like your positive thinking!

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