Mayo Nurses - OT??

  1. I'm considering going to Rochester to begin my career once I graduate in May - but will have lots and lots in student loans. I know the Mayo doesn't offer loan payback options, and I'm not eligible for payback through fed or state programs if I work there, so I'm wondering if any current or former Mayo nurses can fill me in and let me know if they offer OT in the hospitals. I realize it depends on the department and isn't ever guaranteed, but I'm just wondering if there's opportunity for OT. I'm hoping that OT will help me pay some of my loans back.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Alexsys
    I work for Mayo Clinic at the momemt. They are trying to ease up with the OT, but that is in FL. I am not sure about MN though
  4. by   Jbeachgrl
    Mayo does not have mandatory overtime, but if you would like to work more than your FTE you can usually call staffing and they can assist you with getting additional hours. So far I have been offered overtime every time I have called to request it. Mayo is a great place to work
  5. by   agirlandherdogs
    If you are looking at Mayo in Rochester, I would say to apply to surgery. They are very short in surgery and there is abundant overtime there. I've never been in the OR without the overtime poll going around. You can refuse it, but they have to ask everyone.

    I would also look at the St. Mary's site, and this is just my own impression of talking with other surgical nurses there; general surg, ortho surg and of course trauma would be likely to have overtime offered quite frequently.
    One thing about planning on that as extra income...I would sit down with a spreadsheet or a tax accountant and figure out just exactly what the gross / net total income would be with and without the OT, that extra OT may throw you into a different tax bracket and you'll take home LESS than you would have before working any OT..

    Good Luck