Mayo Clinic Uniforms!!!

  1. Hello, wanted to find out what kind of uniforms the mayo nurses wear. Do they have to be solid or are prints permitted. We are coming up next week for interview however just would like to find out if will be needing to buy all new uniforms before we move up there, well that is as long as we get the job.

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  3. by   student456
    ive heard that the nurses in the mayo clinical wear ALL white uniforms unfortunately!
  4. by   nursetmj
    Quote from muhaha
    ive heard that the nurses in the mayo clinical wear ALL white uniforms unfortunately!
    Ba ha ha ha!!! This made me laugh! NOT TRUE! I used to work at Mayo and am looking forward to getting back there very soon as it is a wonderful place to work. As far as uniforms go, they are floor and job-specific. For example: All RNs in the ER wear black uniforms, all phlebotomists now wear maroon scrubs, all ECG techs and PCAs wear carribbean blue (teal) scrubs, 4 Francis wears Royal Blue scrubs, 6 Domitilla wear Navy Blue scrubs, etc. They are pretty strict as in very few floors I know of allow patterned tops/jackets and some floors are even very strict as to what color of undershirt you can wear beneath your scrubs (in my old department it was WHITE underneath only - no colors - not even black!).

    It may seem strict, but it definitely helps workers and patients alike determine "who is what" there. Not like some other hospitals where everyone wears whatever they like!

    Hope this helps!

    Oh, and PS: I've seen people wearing "all white": I believe they are house manager or something like that. In a place that employs almost 30,000 people, there were only a handful I ever saw wearing this though.
  5. by   bigbee13
    Thanks nursetmj,

    My wife has interview on Monday for a 17 bed cardiac progressive care unit. We have heard many good things and are looking forward if all goes well in the interview to moving and starting a new life.


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