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hello all! i just thought it'd be neat to start a thread for those who applied for mayo's summer iii program for 2012. i applied during the middle of december and am anxiously waiting for my letter to come in the mail next... Read More

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    I just got my placement letter today, and I'm on Eisenberg 52 Colorectal/General Surgery. I'll take it! Where's everybody else?

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    Surgical-Trauma ICU/PCU
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    Has anyone else received their employment health history, immunization etc forms? According to our acceptance letter we were supposed to get those before we got out placements.
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    Hey everyone! I'm thinking about applying for SumIII for next summer (not thinking really, I'm going to apply plus a handfull of other internships) but one thing I'm worried will hurt me is that I'm not a CNA, nor do I have any interest in becoming one. Long story short, did any of you that applied not have you're CNA certification? We're you accepted to the Mayo internship or not, and were you accepted to any other internships that you applied to? Thanks in advance
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    Hi ChrisMarie09, like you I also did not apply for my CNA license and had no trouble at all getting internships. Different internships have varying requirements but I don't think you need it for Summer III. Anyone else have any thoughts about this?

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