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Hi Everyone. I have lived in MN most of my life but about a year ago became a WI resident. I live across the bridge(s) from Duluth in Superior. I work full time at a non-profit but am looking to get into nursing (slowly but... Read More

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    Hey, neighbor!

    Not much to add, but I'm so glad to see the Twin Ports representing. AND! UMD *says* they're going to do a bridge program, which I think is supposed to start next year. So there are more options than crazy-expensive CSS.

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    So, how is everyone handling the news on the tax reciprocity? We now are getting MN employment taxes deducted and will have to file in MN to get them back next year, besides filing in WI and paying in.
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    I didn't read through all these posts completely, so I apologize if this has been said already. MN and WI do not have reciprocity anymore, as of summer '09. If you take your CNA in WI, you CAN work in MN, but if you take your CNA class in MN, you CANNOT work in WI. WI upped their hours for the class, so MN is 40 hours less than WI now. So if you think you may want to work in WI at some point, take your CNA class there. I took mine in MN because that's where I'm attending school for my LPN, but that was a bad move, because I cannot work in WI. There is a home just a few miles from my house in WI that I want to work at, but I would have to take the entire course over and pay for it and the test again.

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