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I work at a large twin cities area hospital, and was hired over the summer. They are now in a hiring freeze, and I know other hospitals here are as well. There are so many nurses that the MNA and hospital is asking if people... Read More

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    hey sam,

    i totally agree with you! i remember asking the DON at MCTC about job prospects, and she seemed suprised that i asked. it's a huge elephant in the room.

    out of curiosity, what school did you go to?


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    Seniority language also acts to help people to have priority for recall from layoff..

    In solidarity...
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    In my hospital we have shut down an entire floor and laid off some nurses, and it seems we may even have a new round of layoffs if our census does not pick up, we had some fresh grads let go before they even finished oreintation.
    In my unit we have been overstaffed due to low census and people have been getting MLOAs. We sometimes have 5 or 6 a shift! People are really starting to stress out and if things don't pick up soon then more layoffs are to follow. We can't help but wonder where all our patients went.

    Just wondering how everyone else is doing..
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    I'm a Dec '08 grad. I've put in probably 20 applications and had one interview (in a LTC facility, not a hospital). I recently accepted a part-time position at the LTC facility I've been working at as a CNA. I was really hoping for a full-time job in acute care, but I don't think that's going to happenin this job market. At least I can gain some experience while I wait for the job market to improve.
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    Sam1998, I know this is an older post, but I am in a similar situation in a Twin Cities Hospital. I have sent you a friend request to discuss this more privately, but I am unable to find out how to send you a private message.... so my apologies to everyone else who reads this for taking your time...

    I hope everything is well,

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    I believe you need 15 posts to send a Private Message.

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    Thanks Matt!! This is all so new to me. I appreciate your help.

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