Just starting out, could use some direction

  1. I don't have the CNA certificate or any of the pre reqs. I could use any advice on how to get this all started, should I just visit the schools, most of their online info is limited. Any advice would be great!!!

    Can I get pre reqs from any community or tech college or should I go to the same school?
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  3. by   lukeslichy

    It really depends on where you want to go to school at and what kind of degree you want to get. I would recommend doing your general education classes (English, math, lit, language) at a community college because it will save you a ton of money. From what I have seen most of the general class for nursing programs will transfer within the mnscu schools. So General Bio, A & P and Microbio. Each school has different requirements but it's good to leave your options open and be willing to apply at many different colleges.
    Going to a community college will be much cheaper for the actual classes (if you are looking to get your two year) but they are highly competitive. Schools like St. Kates are much more expensive but you can start your nursing classes almost right away.

    The only thing I can recommend is make sure you grades are stellar especially if you are going with the community colleges. Also get your CNA and start working right away since many colleges require you to work a certain number of hours in direct patient care!
  4. by   m4howie
    This is what I did.

    1) Make a list of all the programs you might go to. Go to the MN Board of Nursing site to see what programs are in your area. ( http://www.state.mn.us/portal/mn/jsp...y=NursingBoard )

    2)Go to all their websites and pull up their degree requirements using their college catalog. Most schools have this online. Make a spread sheet. Put all the school names across the top and down the side put all the classes. About 70% of the non nursing classes overlap for all the programs in MN. Example, You HAVE to take chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, some psychology. Some programs will have require micro biology and others prefer nutrition. Some prgrams choose interpersonal communication and another will choose speech. ******* Why is this important? Well you want to start taking the classes that can be used at the most number of schools first. This way you can apply to more programs at once. NOTE: Most schools giver preferential treatment to their own students. I know some people who took one class at multiple colleges just to increase their chances of getting into school.
  5. by   lukeslichy
    Good point M4howie, about schools giving preferential treatment to their students, although I think many of the schools (at least Century and Inver, the two I was applying at) want you to have 12 "local" credits to be considered as a student there. I know I was #74 on the waitlist for century this year and #14 at inver due to having local credits there. Just another thing to check into christinalm024!
  6. by   Vortex11
    Pick a school (for taking pre reqs) that meets your needs. Pre reqs are pre reqs no matter where you take them, there is no sense in paying more than you have too. However one thing to keep in mind, is some different schools accept different pre reqs. Take all of them you can, biology, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology. The more pre reqs you have done the better your chances. Get your CNA certificate, most programs require you to have it prior to applying, if not experience too. Its good for two years. Get your CPR Fist Aid. Apply to as many programs as you can. Its very competitive.