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Inver Hills students?

  1. 0 HI, I'm starting the RN program in January '05 and was wondering if there's anyone else out there attending/going to attend Inver.
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    I am not attending Inver but Century - I saw something on the Century website about them being joined for the RN progam!?!?

    Best of luck to you -

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    Good luck to both of you guys!!

    Just curious, what is the waiting list like these days to get into the RN programs at Inver and Century?
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    This is the first year that they eliminated a waiting list that carries on beyond one year. The selection process used to just be a lottery system, but they have now made it more competitive. There were 400 qualified applicants for 90 spots this year. I originally was on the wait list at #17 for spring. I don't know how far down the list they got to.

    Hi Tam,

    Yep, Inver and Century is a joint program, they share teachers and clinical sites. The scrub tops have an Inver/Centruy logo on them. Do you start in spring?

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    Very interesting. Thanks for the reply.
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    No...I wish I was though...I am awaiting to hear if I get in for Fall 2005 :wink2:

    I am hoping my previous 4 year degree and 6 years of experience in the health care field will help my application some....


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