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I just applied to both Inver Hills and Century's 2011/2012 nursing program, I got a letter back from Inver saying I am included in the selection process and will find out on March 1! I have so many... Read More

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    Inpatientlywaiting - Congrats!!! You must be VERY RELIEVED and excited to start!!! I'm beginning in the spring as well. I was a bit worried because I sent in my acceptance letter but didn't hear anything, but I know they are very busy right now so I expect that. Are you CPR trained? I am taking a class at the Red Cross and am sending it in when I'm finished. I noticed it said we needed to show we are certified before we start.

    Lukeslichy - Thanks for updating us on the first semester! I'm glad everything is going well for you so far. I am noticing it's a bit lacking on organization as well. But it's just good to know we are in. Do you mind if I ask if you're going full time? And with the clinicals for each course; do you know if we can divide the class and clinical into separate semesters? Or do we have to take the clinical in the same semester as the class? Thanks!!

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    Yeay for you too!!! I hand delivered mine yesterday, you can always call. Suzy Merkling is the contact. Also dont forget about the 100.00 deposit. I'm sending you a privite message too.
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    A couple of things, make sure the CPR you are taking is for "heathcare professionals". Inver offers one. I know my old CPR did not qualify so I had to retake it (no biggie because it was going to expire in December anyway).

    I am going the full 8 credits. Technically it's not "full time", but it feels like a full time load. I am not sure if they would let you sign up for only clinicals or theory. I know one girl in our class did not pass theory last semester so she is retaking theory only, but even though they are "separate" classes it's really like one large class because they tie things in from lab in theory lecture and vice versa. But I am not 100% sure. I'm so excited for you guys! Woo hoo!
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    Inpatientlywaiting - Thanks for reminding me about the $100 deposit! Good way to check and I saw it was cashed with my bank.

    Lukeslichy - That is a good reminder because it is something I just found out. I was originally taking regular CPR this semester but dropped out of it last week when I realized it was the wrong one. I signed up with the Red Cross and just took a night class for two days to get the Prof Rescuers cert. It was a close call!

    What I was originally thinking was taking 12 credits but splitting one of the lectures and clincals. So, two lectures with one clinical. I'll have to see if this sort of thing will work out since by the sounds of it they act as a lab to what you are learning in lectures. Are you working while taking your classes? I am concerned about the stress load but have an option of working minimally if I have to in order to get through this program. As you can tell, I want to get through it rather quickly but know at the same time I need to do well...

    I'm glad I have you both to talk to!
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    I asked the instructor today if you could split up Lab and Theory and she said you could not. They are actually going to combine it to be one class next year I guess since it basically is one class.

    I do not work a regular schedule, but I have two small children and am technically still a "stay at home mom". I work casual call and have not had time to pick up a shift yet going into the 4th week of class. Some people do work and I would think that would be extremely hard. They kinda throw things at you and if you had a job you would need a very forgiving boss that was willing to work with you. For instance if you failed a lab validation you have to come in on your day off and go to remediation. It's tough but do able, definitely depends on your personality but I would go into school thinking you can't work or work very minimal hours. That part really sucks! I completely understand wanting to get done quickly though. My family struggles so much financially and this nursing career *should* fix that, I don't want to wait two years!!

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Feel free to PM me, I am more then willing to answer!
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    Lukeslicky, Thanks for asking your instructor that was a question I was wondering that for awhile and trying to decide what I wanted to do. So I'm guessing the standard way of going about semesters for the program is to do the 8 credits each semester since they seem to be so intense? I'll probably end up doing that too so that I can also do well in the program and keep myself organized (this can sometimes be a challenge for me!).

    And I really appreciate your work advice as well. I am going back to school and just recently quit my full time job in insurance. I just couldn't take it anymore and needed to do something else that involved more social interaction and purpose. Although I don't have any kids, I am getting married next year and would like to start a family shortly after that so I guess I'm just trying to prepare...but can you really do that in life?! LOL!

    I'm not working right now but looking for a job as a CNA part time before I start the program. But, if I need to, I have the option of just going to school, which is really nice and a blessing. Of course it will be tough, but we are thinking in the end it will pay off as you are saying too. So I guess it's sort of like an investment. Just have to get through it... But, I'm also just thankful I got in! The number one priority is the program above everything else!

    Keep us updated (you can PM me too) on how things are going with the program. My real name is Sarah Chovan so if we happen to run into one another, we can chat! Good luck with everything!! I'm sure in the next couple years it will pay off and you will be very thankful for it!!
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