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  1. I just moved to inver grove from ny and I was wondering if any of the newly and recent admitted nursing student from inver hill can talk about their journey into the nursing program ,the prerequisites they applied with and the gpa they were admitted on . Thank you .
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  3. by   lukeslichy
    I just started my 4th semester in the Inver Hills nursing program on Monday. I realize that I'm not exactly a "new" admit but no one else has replied so I'll answer ya.
    The pre-reqs are pretty general for nursing schools and will take you anywhere from 1.5-2 years full time to complete before you get admitted into the program. You'll need your CNA certification as well. You could probably do it faster if you went super nuts and took a ton of credits and went during summers. I believe they accept applications and admit people 2x a year now. Used to be a once a year application thing when I got admitted. Basically you want as many of your pre-reqs done when you apply with the best grades possible. They will admit some students who have one or two pre-reqs to go sometimes but most people have them fully completed. They use a point process based off a test score you need to take prior to admission, how many pre-reqs you have done, GPA, and prior degrees you may have (I would say at least half if not more of my class has a prior B.A. or B.S.). If you don't have a prior degree it's just best to get the best grades possible. Oh they also give you a point for taking 10 classes or more at Inver (there may be a few that I am forgetting). I was admitted almost 1.5 years ago I had a 3.6 overall GPA with a 3.2 in my science classes (they look at both grades), I have a prior, unrelated B.A. I didn't have to take the test they now require, instead I had to complete 480 hours of work as a CNA. Things may have changed. I ended up being 12 on the waitlist but ended up starting in the Fall. It's very competitive! I'm not sure if that has gotten better since I was admitted but I have to assume it has not. Also since we have started we have lost at least 1/3 of the class we started with. I have kids and I work 1-2 days a week, it's quite a challenge but it's possible to do. I hope that gives you somewhat of what you were looking for.
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    Hey..I just got accepted into the Inver Hills nursing program for fall 2013. I have a BA in Psychology (I graduated in Dec. 2006) with a 3.22 gpa. I took the accuplacer placement test at Inver Hills and didn't have to repeat English or math. Summer 2012, I took anatomy & physiology I, lifespan psych, and medical dosages. Fall 2012, I took medical terminology (not required but helpful), interpersonal communication & I took the nursing assistant course (if you take it at Inver Hills and take it as a "continuing education" course, it's less expensive and it is only a 2 wk, vs 5 wk course. Only thing is, you don't get credit hours for it). It took me two semesters to complete my pre-reqs. It's super competitive so I'm sure you need all of your pre-reqs done before applying. I think if you have a few liberal arts courses left, that's ok, although they'd like you to have them completed before you begin program. I got A's in all the courses I've taken, so I currently have a 4.0 gpa. By the time I applied, I had 13 months experience working as direct care staff in a group home (I left that job before my NA job) and 1.5 months experience working in a hospital as a nursing assistant. And I got a 136 on my PAX. So, at time of my app, I didn't have microbio or a&p II (which a lot of people told me I really needed to have before applying). This was my first time applying. I only applied to Inver and like I said, I got in for this coming fall semester. I hope this helps and best of luck!
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