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  1. What hospitals/locations in Minnesota are popular for hematology/oncology? I am currently on a heme/onc floor in Mississippi. My husband and I are considering relocating to Minnesota in the next few years.

    On a side note, is Minnesota the outdoor paradise for cyclists and campers that the tourist websites would have you believe?
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    Hey Bleppity - I worked at the University of Minnesota/Children's Hospital - Fairview on the peds bone marrow transplant floor for 3+ years. It's a great place to work, terrific, helpful nurses, good management and most importantly, excellent CNA staffing. Being in the heme/onc world, you know the joys and heartbreaks of this field, so I resigned this spring to work OR in my local hospital. I tell my new co-workers that I had to find a job where the little kids died less often. Anyway, the U of M/Children's is always advertising for peds and adult BMT nurses with needs on their regular heme/onc floors as well. Goole search for their website and apply online, that is the only way they take applications anyhow.
    As far as outdoors goes, yes many bike trails, lakes, fishing, boating, camping, kayaking, hiking, state parks and endless other opportunities. The problem is that summer is limited up here. Outdoors is best late April until early October. Native Minnesotans don't stop for the cold, though. We just ride snowmobiles, cross country/downhill ski, icefish, hike, snowshoe or whatever. Many southerners lock themselves inside with the first snow fall and just complain when they move here. Gotta get out and play. It is not that hard to stay warm, especially when you are active.

    Hope this info helps. Write any time if you need more specific answers,

    Good luck, Gary