Bethel's RN to BSN program.....

  1. Hello! Anybody gone through Bethel's RN to BSN program, or is anybody planning on going there? Just curious, I do start in April would be nice to meet some people and chit chat etc. To be honest, I'm not real excited on going back to school, BUT I have been trying to do this now for a very long time and always have had excuses to not go. :uhoh21: So, I'm hoping it will be a great experience!
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  3. by   MNmom3boys
    It is one of the two options I am considering, although I will not be starting in April. I will be interested to see how the program works for you. Good-luck!
  4. by   freezebabyRN
    I will keep you posted. I kind of like the idea of one class at a time, and actually going to campus to meet with the same group of people each week. I looked into some on-line programs, and I truely do not want to be taking 2-3 classes at once and worrying about two different papers due etc. One class, one day at a time.......

  5. by   MNmom3boys
    Yes, I agree. The other option that I'm research is on-line, and I have serious resevations about the lack of "human contact" for my learning style. I think I would also prefer the give and take of a classroom setting, as well as the one class at a time mentality. But, I do appreciate the flexiblity that online classes would give, as I am currently working a rotating evening, nights shifts schedule. We'll see where I end up. (Oldest is currently HS senior - so focus this year is getting him into college...)
  6. by   freezebabyRN
    Your going to be busy with the college search for your oldest. I do like the idea of knowing I will see my instructor weekly face to face if needed. I do not work shift work....staight days, but my employer was nice enough to give me the following day off each week since I work a .8. I actually have been doing a lot of research on schools over the past few years. I even checked into UWEC with their on line program, BUT again I would have to take more than 1 class at a time (2-4 classes at a time) to get done at a reasonable time frame and not be going to school forever.
    email me in the future and I will tell you how I enjoy/dislike the program.
  7. by   freezebabyRN
    So far this is a great program! :wink2:
  8. by   R*Star*RN
    I'm planning on starting at Bethel in August 2009. I just need my 1 year of experiance as an RN. My mom went there as well and from everything I've heard it's a great program! I just love the one night a week with a cohort thing. . .and not having to repeat lots and lots of clinicals! I think you only have to do Leadership experiance, am I right? Anyway hope you love it! Going back to school is definately worth it.
  9. by   freezebabyRN

    You have the community health "clinical" if you want to call it that which is 48 hours. There is a leadership project, a clinical nursing problem project and one other one that you have to do. It is just nice knowing the one day per week, same people and you are all going through the same thing.....working, school, family and other commitments in life. A good portion of them I believe have a full plate. There are a few that don't, but over all we are all very busy in life.
    There are a couple RN's that do not have a complete full year experience in my group. I think they graduated May of last year and by the time you take your boards you are looking at about 9 months experience. I know originally when I was going to start this program a few years back they told me as long as their was a seat available I could start even though at that time I didn't have a full year of RN experience (They didn't count LPN experience either), so if you just graduated you could probably start April of 09. Check it out depending on your status, unless your still in school.

    Take care!
  10. by   Salgal08
    Hi freezebabyRN!

    Just want to wish you the best as you work on your RN to BSN program. Keep up the good work!