Anyone know where to get free CNA training in Minnesota? - page 2

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I've been looking all over but can only find places that charge you for the training. Like 800 bucks for a 5-6 week course. That fee included all the materials and all but it still seemed high considering a CNA doesn't make that... Read More

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    Hey Emily,

    Where do you teach your CNA Classes? Is it in Saint Paul or near st.paul? Please email more information to me. Thanks.
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    After reading the thread, I was wondering if anyone found an employer who would hire and reimburse the fees for a CNA training course. I plan to get into a CNA course - online preferrable.

    Please let me know. Thank you in advance!
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    I have heard any facility that accepts money from medicaid is obligated to pay you for your CNA training. I worked at a nursing home in Farmington and got paid for my CNA course after 6 weeks of work. The hospital I talked to in Northfield also paid for it. Call facilities and ask. I am sure most will.
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    Thanks a lot Lukeslichy.

    I'll definitely get on that as there are a large number of nursing homes, etc., here in the twin cities.