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  1. I am currently an Associate degree RN working in home care, and am trying to finish my BSN. I have always had an interest in advanced practice, bouncing from CRNA to NP, to PA. I finally decided to stick with the NP route. I have a high interest in being able to place chest tubes, insert central lines, ect. I would like to be able to work in an ED or ICU. However, I know this is kind of slim. And would like to someday become a snow bird NP, going down south in the winter. I am having difficulty deciding where to get my graduate degree, and what specialty. We currently do not have any ACNP programs here in MN, and have read in other forums that this limits you to either peds or adult. Whereas an FNP will allow you to see both, however your training in critical care rotation is limited. Wanted to know if any veterans out there with more experience than I, could point me in the right direction or inform me of their advance practice education, and their abilities? I do know that I need to get out of home care asap, however it is such a great school job, and it made me an expert with airway management (in home care).

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    If you haven't found it already, the Advance Practice section of allnurses will have a lot of information on this sort of topic. I am a big proponent of getting an education in whatever specialty you want to practice in. FNP school will not teach you how to insert CTs and CVLs and in some states that means it is outside your scope of practice to do them. Even if you get training after you finish you FNP program. Just something to keep in mind.