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Hi everyone, I want to become a CRNA and was told that I should spend a few yrs. in SICU. I was reading in the general discussion stories about poop, vomit, and mucous. I don't think I can deal with those kinds of substances,... Read More

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    Personally, I was implying they have high malpractice INSURANCE rates. Sorry if you were so offended gotosleep, it was an error of omission on my part.

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    Re the original blood and guts post, the rule is that if you find it you clean it. So if you can't deal with it nursing in any form is probably not for you.

    Reminds me of the lady in my class as a student who quit after the first week of clinical because she didn't realize that nurses had to empty bedpans. Haha- it only got worse too- good thing she quit.
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    If bedpans were only the worst part of my job.
    My worst is when someone has that GI bleed smell. I know it's not their fault, and I don't ever let on, but inside I am puking.
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    Are you for real???? Of COURSE we deal directly with these things! who else would?? How would you assess your pt. if you are not around to see what is going on? Sound like you are not in the proper line of work. If you want clean work, sit at a desk.
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    It is a very important assessment tool that a nurse has to be involved with the messy aspects of nursing. It can tell you alot about a patient, and as you will find out, as a CRNA you will be involved with those messy substances also.
    You cant intubate a patient with a mouthfull of vomit. Sounds like you need to shadow a RN and CRNA to find out what it is all about.
    Good luck.

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