What standing protocols/ bundles do you have?

  1. 0 I just changed jobs because our family moved. I come from a level 1 trauma hospital that had a protocol for just about everything. Sepsis Bundles, standing vent orders, weaning parameters, stroke protocols, MI etc. And then I walked through the doors of the new hospital. We have essentially no standing protocols for any of the above. I have only worked at two hospitals and fairly new to nursing. Was my first hospital just ahead of the game or is this new one just in the dark ages? It would seem that with the ever evolving system and a larger emphasis on core measures that these protocols would be for the benefit and would becoming more and more prevalent. Just curious to know what everyone else had in place. Have you ever worked to develop any of these protocols or implement them?
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    I work at a level II center and we have protocols for basically everything. Is this a small hospital?

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