Transitioning from telemetry to ICU.

  1. I'm an RN with 3+ (almost 3 and a half) years of experience, the first 18 months of which were med-surg, then telemetry for about a year, and the observation unit (which is basically a tele unit) for 6 months. I am transitioning into my small community hospital's ICU in December. While we're not the highest acuity ICU I've ever seen, I'm interested in inquiring from other Critical Care nurses about whether anyone has suggestions for ways to prepare myself other than my hospital's orientation. I took a 10 day long "Critical Care Consortium" class offered through AACN a few months ago and have been reading a textbook on critical care on my own. My physical orientation is going to be 6-8 weeks long. Any suggestions are appreciated
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  3. by   missnurse01
    sounds like you are already doing the right things. Reading a CCRN review book would also do wonders for you as you are getting through your orientation-or after that is done. You will probably have plenty of things to look up and read about each day of orientation as it is, so don't overload yourself. You will see what your pt population tends to be and learn about those specific things. Also the AACN manualof procedures, which should be on your unit, is super awesome with things to learn.

    good luck!
  4. by   Stormy8
    I'm actually in the same situation. I've been working telemetry for about a year now but am interested in transferring to an ICU. To be honest, I am nervous but I know I have to make the next step. Good luck with you! You'll do great!