Soon to be Graduate Nurse-advice please

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    I am in need of advice. I will be graduating this summer with a BSN and hoping, as many are, to get into an ICU in order to transition to CRNA school. I really am discouraged after visiting this site because it seems as though this will be a long road to travel. I am mainly speaking about the suspicious nature of the nurse managers regarding persons with previous Surgical experience wanting to enter ICU straight from nursing school. I would really like to get some good advice on how to set myself apart from other applicants in order to get the position that I am so desperately seeking. I have many years experience to offer in surgery and ICU bedside procedures and I believe that providing this information on my resume, sends a RED FLAG!! In the same respect, I also think that if I leave it off, it could cost me a position that my experience may help me get. I am so confused....please help me.
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