Soon to be New Grad: Resume Critique Request

  1. The facts: currently I work as a Student Nurse Tech in an SICU where I completed a 400 hour internship over the summer. I am slated to graduate May 2010 and with some pre-hospital experience in my pocket and the work I do now, I am sure critical care is where I am meant to begin.

    The request: the new grad programs in my area will begin posting in a week or so and I have my resume fairly well laid out. After having a consultation with the school career center tomorrow evening (Tuesday), I am wondering if anyone would be willing to review and critique my resume and cover letter.

    Thank you all for the knowledge you share in this online community. It thrills me to no end how nurses pull together, lend each other a hand and generally are always ready to share a penny for someones thoughts. I look forward to being a credentialed member of the nursing family soon.

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  3. by   fiveofpeep
    Too busy with my new grad program to add much, but Id suggest posting this in the graduate nurse section under students, or first year of nursing forum under general to get more feedback.
  4. by   MarillaMojo
    Congrats on getting into a New Grad program and thank you for the advice. I've re-posted my request. Originally I posted here as I was hoping some more experienced ICU nurses would perhaps be willing to look it over. None the less, I'm excited to be on this path and I hope you have a wonderful experience in your program.

  5. by   fiveofpeep
    thank you

    and feel free to PM me your email or resume (take off the identifying info tho) and I will try to review it when I have time. I may not be an experienced nurse but I am experienced with finding a job as a new grad hahaha

    I think you're going on the right track seeking advice and having your resume reviewed.