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quick reference guide

  1. 0 Hi. I'm new here and it was recommended by others in the student forum to ask you in ICU this. I'm looking for a QUICKCHECK though comprehensive checklist for an initial pt. head to toe assessment WITH DESCRIPTION OPTIONS. I had one I picked up in school but misplaced it. ie,
    __ A&OX__
    __ Lungs (CTA, insp. exp. wheezing, rhonchi, crackles, etc.)
    __ Abd. (soft, non-tender, distended, firm, etc.)
    Much appreciated.
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    well the book i trust the most next to me at the bedside is kathy white fast fact for adult critical care must admit it worth every cents. Not sure if it concentrate on head to toe assesment but i found every thing i need in that book
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    I like Kathy White as well. I also have a book called Quick Reference for Critical Care(or something along those lines) by Nancy Diepenbrock RN, CCRN. It's about 4o dollars and you can find it at Barnes and Nobe or Borders! I also used it to help me study(I used other books too) for my CCRN exam which I am proud to say that I passed!!!!!!!!!