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I'm doing my thesis on prone positioning ARDS pts and would appreciate some feedback:D Does your unit routinely prone pts?? Do you have a written procedure on how to prone pts? I have proned some pts with favorable... Read More

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    At our teaching hosp in Texas, we rarely prone patients. To my knowledge of 14 yrs, we have only done it 2 or 3 times. This was without a Stryker frame; it took about 6 people to turn the patient and watch the lines; you can imagine the horror; I don't even remember now how the patient did! I think it would probably be good for the patients, but we need to have a written protocol and get a lot more practice. We seem to be very slow to try new things here. I have never seen a patient on ECMO or have never heard of prostacyclin nebs!
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    I know what ya mean Burt...while I know the huge hospitals in DFW do these cutting edge types of things, my little ol' ICU doesn't go there much either.

    One reason I enjoy my agency shifts is I get some exposure to the latest high tech stuff then.

    Prone positioning is ordered by a few select pulmonologists only and we have seen mixed results. And's a nightmare as we have to do it 'manually' too.
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    Check the Hill-Rom site. They make the Vollman Prone Positioner.

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