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  1. To be vague, I am "considering" an offer from Methodist Dallas Medical Center in the Surgical ICU. Apparently, the acuity is high, and delightfully, the pay is high. I interviewed at other places, one most particular, that obscurely and alarmingly warned me about this position. These people seemed trustworthy, but I was skeptical about whether they were just saying certain things in order for me to accept a position at THEIR facility. After reading posts on, I see the same things I was warned about. However, they're pretty outdated. There is no manager in their SICU right now and the Critical Care supervisor is taking over managerial duties at this time. Change of managers is one of the major reasons I left my last job. Does anyone know about or have any experience at MDMS SICU?
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  3. by   prosperouschick
    Any update on the position with Methodist Dallas?? Did you end up taking the position, and if so, was it a good experience?
  4. by   TexHaws
    The SICU did have a change in managers, I currently work in the Neuro ICU at Methodist Dallas and love it> From what I hear the SICU is doing well. It is a VERY busy SICU if you want skills and exposure than it is a good place to go. In general Methodist is an older hospital, but this summer they are completing a brand new Critical care tower and we will be making the move to Level 1 Trauma. Our Neuro ICU will become 32 beds. I like the pay at Methodist . . . the base pay is a bit low, but the differentials make up for it and I work mostly weekends.
  5. by   CuteTXRNgirl
    Hello. I've interviewed for a Critical Care Residency at Methodist Dallas. Can you update me on your experience?