Magnet Status

  1. I am a newbie to this whole magnet thing. I just joined a committee to help get our magnet status and I am a bit overwhelmed with the rhetoric involved so far (and I don't understand half of

    So, anyone here in a magnet hospital?
    What are the pros and cons?
    Is it just a title?
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  3. by   ctspargo
    I don't think it is just a title. I also work on a Magnet Council and we do a tremendous amount of work for our hospital. Over the past 2 years we have built our clinical ladder system, increased the number of certified nurses, will be starting our Mentoring program in a month, implemented a system to create action plans on nursing sensitive indicators that do not exceed national benchmarks, incorporated evidence based practice education and hands on experience into our residency program, enhanced our shared governance structure, hosted nursing job fairs, planned and implemented an annual nursing management retreat, created a nursing bulletin board (similar to this one) where nurses can communicate with other nurses at all levels in the organization, countless educational programs, it has been amazing. We have also really come to realize so many things that our hospital is doing well. For us, the award is just an added plus. The real benefit of Magnet Recognition is all that we do to to provide the best possible patient care. It is a real honor to be working on this council. I hope you are enjoying it!
  4. by   mcRN2b
    Since you are in a Magnet hospital can you tell me if there are also any cons to it? I have to give a presentation in a round table discussion on Magnet status, pros and cons, etc. in order to teach others. Could you please give me more insight?


  5. by   BeachPrincess
    I work in a Magnet hospital and I think its a great program. I've not sat on any committes as I was still in nursing school when we first became a magnet facility. You basically talk about the nursing culture at your facility. Advacement opportunites, continuing education for nurses, etc. Basically your hospital employs the best of the best.

    ETA: The Cons, nobody saw a pay increase when the facility became magnet. If we are so great why pay us so little? We are the lowest paying hospital in the city.
  6. by   RN1980
    becuase they think you should want to work for free in a magnent hospital.
  7. by   mcRN2b
    Thanks for your copmments everyone, my discussion is tomorrow after my exam in Legal Aspects of Nursing-hope it goes well.