Interview next week, what to expect?

  1. Hi all,

    I have an interview next week, it's an in hospital transfer for me. I've been a med/surg nurse for almost 5 years now, but ready for a change. I have a great interest in ICU nursing, but of course I'm scared to death of the unknown. I have been in the same unit since I became a nurse 5 years ago. I'm so afraid of not knowing things, but I guess you learn them.

    Any words of advice, tips, etc. that I should know up front? What types of questions do you think they will ask? The orientation, I believe is 16 weeks, I do like that. I'm afraid they'll ask me something that I won't know the aswer too, then look like a real idiot!

    I look forward to your feedback, please and thanks!!!
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  3. by   missnurse01
    They probably won't ask you a clinical question you don't know the answer too, or ask you one at all. Most places do behavioral interviewing now, you can google those types of questions. They want to know how you will fit in, so they will ask things like, tell me about a time when it was you against everyone else-where you felt that you were in the right and everyone else was wrong. What did you do or how did you handle it.

    They just want to see that you are a good employee, willing to learn, and a team player. Just be yourself! good luck!