How much ICU experience do you need to (generally) get a new job w/ new employer?

  1. I have worked med-surg/tele for 4 years. I recently am training on MICU at the same employer. I am not a 'spring chicken' and also after working my whole life, and working hard shifts the past four years with a heavy patient load/no support staff/ect, honestly I haven't put a ton of emphasis on going to the gym, beauty parlor, and uniform shop as the staff on MICU where i work seems to (as I was exhausted/recovering on my days off- literally).

    I transferred here to get experience. I am feeling comfortable with the staff. I feel they look me up and down (you know the feeling). I have tried to join in on causal desk conversations-- like with a question, and have been ignored, as though I never said anything. The preceptors are not patient, I have been given difficult patients from the start, as though my training is a sprint. I have been treated as though I have no skills whatsoever, and yesterday the preceptor was trying to rush me through the morning routines "Do this this this this this, and we should be set by 830" "Did you do this yet" ect. Honestly, she treated me like I had the plague. This unit also has a hospital wide reputation for 'not being nice'. I have gotten eye rolling nfrom oncoming shift for not doing a last minute K+ replacement when results came back at my preceptors instruction (I can do it, 'no leave that- they can do it') already, ect

    I want the experience so I can get another job at a different facility. Life is too short. What is the minimum amount of time I need to be sentenced to this unit? How do I deal with this particular atmosphere (being I am older/not blonde/don't wear alot of make-up, ect) and probably won't be accepted generally into the clique here?

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  3. by   Biffbradford
    There's no magic number and judging by my latest experiences in trying to get re-hired into an ICU - WHO KNOWS??? Hang in there and do your best. You're learning as you go and although the 'trial by fire' approach is brutal to live through, it will make you tough and productive in the long run. (been there myself)
  4. by   formyinfo
    I agree, it seems that hospitals have different views on who is qualified for ICU these days. Some take new grads with NO experience, while others MUST have experience or they simply are looked over. How is this?