Help please- New Grad Resume for surg/trauma ICU - page 2

i graduate in may and would like to start applying for jobs. i want to work in an area that generally doesn't hire new grads though (surgical/trauma icu), so i need a resume that puts me above the... Read More

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    I too will graduate in June and would like to work in a high acuity area. I am also having trouble with my resume because this is my second career, I have no medical experience other than a short externship in an ICU. If anyone has a resume that I could look at, I would really appreciate it. Thanks bunches.

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    LOL, please. if you are smart enough and willing to work hard and basically give up your social life for the first year, you can do ICU right out of school. Ignore what the "seasoned" nurses say to you(and trust me, you will run into a few). you don't need to "pay your dues" on Tele before you can handle the unit. and as for "your patients deserve better": your patients deserve a hard working, intelligent RN who will strive to learn everything he/she can in order to provide safe patient care; a nurse who will go home after a shift and research the concepts they don't fully understand etc.

    I can't tell you the amount of train wrecks i have received from Tele from "seasoned nurses" who didn't know what the f they were doing. Give me a smart, ambitious new grad any day over an average "seasoned" nurse with 15 years experience...
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    THANK YOU MATTHEWRN03!!! That was extremely nice of you. I for appreciate that. I am a BSN student soon to graduate and wanting an ICU position. I just hope and pray that the ICU nurse managers in my area, feel as you do.

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