help me please i'm in deep water

  1. i'm SN IN ICU
    i need your support to guide me in finding information about endotrachial suctiong procedure and new information if avilable
    as well as oropharynx suctioning procedure and general information
    please help me in my crisis becouse i'm going to give a lacture about this topic

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  3. by   Sandy McLellan
    First, check your facilities policy and procedure manual. Or, walk to the library and look it up. If that fails, ask a respiratory therapist. And, by the way, watch your's the first thing people judge you by.
  4. by   saeed

    And for your precious advise as well
    But I already checked where you told me just I want to bring something new from this incredible net and to take the opportunity of having the connection with. I hope if you have an idea about this topic to reply it soon

    And thank you again

  5. by   jtfreel
    For fast references go to and type in a search phrase "endotracheal suctioning" and just choose...

    Good luck.
  6. by   janicurn
    Simple endotracheal suction technique can be found in any of the places mentioned. Why not give some newer important info like why we should stop routinely using NS lavage prior to suctioning. There are some good research articles out there on this subject.
  7. by   Goofball
    Try AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses) or ask a clinical nurse specialist.
    In our ICU, it is the policy to first, auscultate the lungs, then next to hyperoxygenate (NOT
    hyperventilate or bag with ambu, unless pt. is not on a ventilator; then it is ok to oxygenate with
    ambu bag). NO SALINE to be used. When O2 sat is
    high, then go ahead and suction with the in-line suction cath (or the old-fashioned kit, if no
    in-line available.In that case, you would also be using the ambu bag to hyperoxygenate, but do so non-vigorously) Do a max of 3 passes with catheter, always use sterile technique. Hyperoxygenate again after procedure, then return O2 to ordered setting if it doesn't do it automatically. Ausc. lungs again, document.Is this what you were looking for?