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Hey all, I have 1 yr exper in ICU and just got my CCRN. HOWEVER, the manager at my new ICU job feels I'm not ready to come off orientation yet after 5 weeks and is telling me that I'm smart but have trouble applying my knowledge... Read More

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    a single year of experience really isn't that much. it takes about two years to make you competent, or what i refer to as "a low maintenence co-worker." (that would be someone who is proficient in critical thinking, troubleshooting and problem solving and knows when to ask for help -- and when not to.) so five weeks of orientation seems a bit low to me. unless you're going from somewhere like the cleveland clinic or johns hopkins to the 4 bed icu of goat spit, mt. but even then, you'd get a lot more variety, so probably more orientation would still be a good thing.

    book smart is not the same thing as being competent at the bedside. but with only one year of experience, you have time to grow.
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    I agree with you. You need to have a mentor that will guide you as you go. Some hospital has ICU orientation program for the new grad and teach them how to develop their critical thinking and let them handle critical cases during their training. That is the only way to learn to have exposure to this cases and learn from it. Having a mentor will help a lot and at the same time you have to take some critical care courses. AACN is offereing ECCO online and you need to ask your education department if they pay for it because that will help you a lot.
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    Maybe if you could give a specific situation we could give you ideas on how to apply it in a way you maybe didn't think of before. As others have said, it takes a few years to really start to get it, and five weeks of orientation isn't nearly enough. As a new grad in the ER my orientation was something like 10wks
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    I'm sorry but 5 weeks is very short...if you were in my unit, you'd be looking at at least 13 weeks or 3 months....

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