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So here's the scoop. I work in a small community hospital- a general ICU. The bottom line is- everyone- including our doc's are completely stumped. Here's the details... 57 y/o female HX: HTN,... Read More

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    Quote from LaurelethRN Sulfate
    Thanks everyone for your input. Sadly, this pt did not survive. Later, we found out that she had sleep apnea and the MD's believe that she prob had some sort of reaction to the house fogger and b/c of her apnea started having resp distress. Then due to the distress with combo apnea became hypoxic and had a seizure. Unbelievably, after a fentanyl, ativan, and diprivan gtt, she became hypotensive- even after they were d/c'd - had to start Levo. Anyway- thanks for everyone's input- it was a wild ride!
    we had a patient who had hypoxic respiratory failure because her housekeeper used a bug spray (I think it was Raid) as a furniture spray (I guess she thought it was Endust or Pledge!) Anyway, the patient had severe methemoglobinemea which we treated with methylene blue. I don't remember anyone commenting on green sweat, though.
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    Intubate her and start her on Propofol and be done with it! Would probably fix her blood pressure too lol
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    why no nitro or cardene?