Ever seen a pt live after 5 chest tubes? - page 3

Had a guy who aspirated his own vomit when he was drunk, ended up with empyema, loculated fluid collection, all out white out left lung. Five chest tubes. He was in the OR for a trach when I came on the other night, but he came... Read More

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    Seen multiple chest tubes, at one time seen four, but the patient had several more throughout his stay. Never give up hope, this guy had a flail chest like I have never seen, completely separated all the ribs from the left side of his sternum (no belt MVA steering wheel to chest). Followed him from ER to ICU. He was with us in ICU for 3 months, actually ran in to him later in a local daquiri bar. I had another patient that kept getting tension pneumothorax on me on nights, we put in three chest tubes emergent, he had the 20 cm of peep, back in the day. He walked back in about 6 months later late at night and said 'I was in that room over there and my lung kept dropping'. Do you know who the nurse was? I said "me and you look totally different". He was MVA with major facial reconstruction. Good to see those success stories. Makes it all worth it. Hope your guy makes it.
    Be careful with the "death pools" bad karma there.

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